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Now Tommy’s dead

What shall we do?

“Godspell” or “Hamlet”

Or “Tommy” number 2?”

“They’ve pinched me idea.”

Shouts someone in vain –

With the story of the Beatles

London’s beat us again.


So “Stardust” was chose

By general agree;

‘Tis better than “Hair”

Or “Rock Nativity!”


“Let’s change the score,”

Says George Robinson.

“I want some Bowie

AND Carole King”.  (Who doesn’t!)

“Let’s write some songs!”

Exclaims William Scott

And immediately writes six

All off the trot.


Let’s change the plot, too,

From London to Ryhope,

With netties and strippers –

The show’s now a riot.


Can u get me a plane

And a revolving stage

And an airport too,

And a camera crew.


“What next!” bellows Hargreaves,

His face growing paler.

“You’ll be wanting the Queen

And Elizabeth Taylor!”


So the wheels start to move

And the ulcers grow

And three months later

We’ve got a show

With a cast of thousands

And six nights to face.

Stardust T-Shirts and badges

Are all the rage.


Aquarius is here

With Russell Harty.

“Are ye David Frost?”

Says Christopher Cowie.


So July’s here now

And we haven’t been sued.

Is it Ryhope School Hall,

Or Hollywood?


Sales of Aspirin are up,

Also nerve pills and beer.

Ivan Hargreaves has piles

Andy Smith diarrhoea.

The kids are alright

The staff are all left.

We’ve had a good time

And Mr Copland’s gone daft!


So fail or succeed,

It’s now up to you.

If ye divn’t enjoy it

You can cane us and boo!




Think for a moment of all the dead rock stars…. not just the greats, but the also rans as well…….OK so be honest with yourself, how many can you remember? “Sure,” I hear you yell, “There’s Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Holly and Otis Reading and Brian Jones and Janis Joplin and there’s……………………………….and……….

Got you, haven’t I?  Everyone remembers them.  But what about Eddie Cochran?  Go on, how many of you remember him? Or Gene Vincent?

More recent ones are; Jim Crooe in 1973, Cass Elliot (ex-Mamas and Papas) and of course we cannot possibly forget Bobby Darin, Jim Morrison, Ritchie Valens, Sam Cooke, Elmore James, Frankie Lymon, Louis Armstrong (“What a Wonderful World” – great song) Vinnie Taylor of (Sha-na-na).




Fryderyck Chopin,……… well, er 1849 was the date, perhaps a bit early to be a rock star?  Ah well, yes, but……….

Sharon Tate & Co were murdered by Charles Manson & Co, but perhaps most people would prefer to forget them.

Did you know that ex-Shadows member John Rostill was electrocuted in 1973?  Did you know he even existed? did you even care? No? Neither do I really, but I’ve got to fill in some space somehow.




Now, just to prove finally that you don’t care, here is a list of some more dead rock stars, with the names of the bands, if any, they were linked with:

Robbie McIntosh (Average White Band)

Billy Murcia (New York Dolls)

Dave Stringbean Akerman

Jerry Lee Lewis Junior

Allan Sherman

Carter Stanky

Martin Lambell (Fairport Convention)

Shorty Long

King Curtis

Earl Bostik – bet he came to a sticky end, ha ha.

Harold McNair

Skip James

Lord Buckley

Magio Sam


I suppose somebody must care – can you remember the mourning when James Dean died? (You don’t look that old, honest).  But what is James Dean now?  Just a dim memory, and an actor in films shown late at night when everybody is in bed.


Just think


Just think for a moment….. the idolisation showered on the Bay City Rollers now…..if they all dropped dead tomorrow……..there would be a great deal of sorrow, mourning, even teenage suicide perhaps?  But in five years?  Ten years?  Who would care?  After all, it was only in 1969 that Brian Jones died; and who among ordinary people really cares now?  It may occasionally be said that the Stones have never been the same since Brian Jones died – but is that really caring?  NO.  People want live rock stars, not dead ones.  But then they may not even want real rock stars at all.  Remember the Archies?  Cartoon

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