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Ryhope Band Concerts


The following are samples of past Ryhope Band concert programmes from the early 1970's.


We have tried to list all names possible in the group photograph below but if you can help fill in the missing ones we would appreciate it if you could contact us. Thank you.


Tony Gartland, John Ward, Brian Crake, Richard Grant, Douglas Grant, John Hedley, Duncan Ross, David Holmes, Graeme Lilley


Henry Ford, Ian Willis, Gordon Davis, Alan Losh, Walter Dalgleish, Steven Crake, David Norman, John Bell, Vince Bovill, John Easthaugh


[?], George Burnicle, [?], Shirley Boxall, Anne Cooper, Julie Teare, Carol?, Karen Dalgleish, Marie Mulvaney, Stewart Williams, Trevor Stoker,  Eric Border


Marjorie Ledger, Linda Nottingham, Pauline Knapp, Sheila Houghton, Lynn Davis, Pauline Bell, Susan Muir, Hilary Dunn, Janet Raine, Alan Winwood


By members of the Band and Madrigal Group of



To be held in the School North Block Hall

Thursday, 19 July, 1973, commencing at 7.30pm


Admission by programme…………..20p

(Children and Old Age Pensioners…….10p)


Welcome to this summer concert which is our Band’s last performance before setting off to Germany for their second successive tour.  After last year’s very enjoyable and worthwhile visit, it is no surprise to learn that they are to go again.  We wish them good luck and would especially like to thank six members: John Bell, John Ward, Brian Crake, Duncan Ross, Linda Nottingham and Jean Carr who leave school this term, for their services during their time at school.


The concert is also the last which will take place under Mr Winwood’s guidance.  As many will know, Mr Winwood is to take up a senior appointment in West Bromwich where, incidentally, the music adviser is Stuart Johnson, who conducted the massed bands at the National School Brass Band Association concert earlier this year.  I am sure that many people who have gained great pleasure from the musical life and activities of Ryhope School will join me in thanking Mr Winwood and wishing him and his wife ever success in the future.

R E Copland


This is the final concert before our tour of Germany which begins on August 11th, it is therefore my final appearance in this country as the Band and Madrigal Group’s conductor.  In September I take up the post of Head of Music at George Salter High School in West Bromwich.


I should like to take this opportunity to thank all those pupils, parents, teachers and friends who have worked so very hard for the Band and Madrigal Group over the years; without your dedication and hard work the standard achieved at this evening’s concert would not have been possible.


I wish to all members of the two groups, both past and present, every success and happiness with their music making in the future.  I shall continue to follow their progress with keen interest.

A Winwood


RYHOPE SCHOOL BAND – was formed in 1967 in the old Ryhope Secondary Modern School.  From these humble beginnings it has grown to a full size band consisting of some 34 players.


Among its achievements can be numbered the following:  two continental tours (one in 1972 and another one in August this year); two gramophone records (our current recording is on sale in the foyer at 65p per copy and contains three of the items that can be heard at this evening’s concert); solo band at the National School Brass Band Festival in 1971 at Pennywell School Sunderland; first North East School Band to hold a N.S.B.B.A. regional festival in March this year; a deputation of 8 players represented the band at the N.S.B.B.A.’s 21st anniversary festival at Harlow in May; four TV appearances; numerous concerts in the villages of Ryhope and Silksworth in particular, and Sunderland and district in general.  Many of our members are also members of adult bands.


Ryhope School Madrigal Group – was formed in January 1970 from among senior pupils in the school.  The present members represent the third generation of the group.  Mostly concerts are given with the band, and five members of the group are also members of the band.


The achievements of the Madrigal Group often follow closely that of the band and their contributions can be found in almost every important concert we have performed, including our recordings.  Besides performing with the band the group also performs separately at smaller social functions in the town, always to high acclaim.


Ryhope School Band Summer 1973


Solo Cornets                                     Soprano Cornet                                Repiano Cornet


David Holmes                                   George Burnicle                                Stuart Williams


Alan Losh                                                                                                    Keith Martin


Vincent Bovill                                     Second Cornet


John Eastaugh                                  David Norman


Walter Daglish                                   Robert Field                                       Flugel Horn


                                                          Eric Border                                         John Hedley


Tenor Horns                                      Baritones                                            3rd Cornet


Marjorie Ledger                                Lynn Davis                                         Shirley Boxall


Jean Carr                                          Trevor Stoker                                      Karen Daglish


Carol Taylor                                       Euphoniums                                       Trombones


Gordon Davis                                    Ian Willis                                             Susan Luir


E Flat Bass                                        Janet Rain                                          Hilary Dunn


Brian Crake                                        B Flat Bass                                        Steven Crake


Julie Teare                                         Richard Grant                                    Graeme Lilley


                                                           Douglas Grant                                   John Bell



Percussion    John Ward                  Tony Gartland             Duncan Ross


Ryhope School Madrigal Group Summer 1973


Seprano         Linda Nottingham,       Sheila Houghton,        Lynn Davis,     Pauline Bell


Alto                 Ann Cooper,                Pauline Knapp,            Susan Muir


Tenor              Henry Ford                  Ian Willis


Bass               John Ward                  Duncan Ross



North Block Hall

Monday 13 July - Wednesday 15 July at 7.30 pm


Admission by programme – Price 3/-


A Message from Mr Copland


I hope that you will all enjoy this summer concert by 140 of our members.  I know that they are looking forward to entertaining you and have been practicing enthusiastically under the direction of Mrs Dutton, Mr Henderson and Mr Winwood.  Our instrumental players are mostly young, but I should particularly like to acknowledge the help and influence of Richard Woolford (Double Bass) of the sixth year – you may remember him from “The Fire Raisers” – and John Nichol (Cornet) of the seventy year.  It is a pleasure, also, to thank our instrumental teachers Mr Bland (violins), Mr Camsey (brass), Mr Garrod (cellos) and Mr Wallace (woodwind) for their enthusiastic work.  The pupils certainly enjoy their lessons.


Four members of the BRASS BAND Susan Cole (Tenor Horn), Trevor Baff (Cornet), Richard Grant (B Flat Bass) and David Holmes (Cornet) also play with the Sunderland Schools Band and Raymond Vincent (Trombone) who unfortunately is unable to play at present has a place reserved for him.  John Bell (Trombone) is to be congratulated on gaining a place at the age of fourteen with the Sunderland Youth International Concert Band of which John Nichol is also a member.


The JUNIOR CHOIR consists of members of the first and second years and trained by

Mr Winwood, whilst Mr Henderson is in charge of the SENIOR CHOIR from the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years, who also supply the MADRIGAL SINGERS.


Sheila Forsyth from Silksworth and Sheila Houghton from Grangetown, two third year friends, will play the PIANO DUET.


Finally, a special word about the ORCHESTRA.  The majority of the players are from the first and second years with a few from the third year – and Richard Woolford.  Twenty-four of them have been learning their instruments for less than a year.


Frankly, they were a little doubtful about giving a performance so soon but I think you will enjoy it.  Certainly they work hard at their rehearsals under Mrs Dutton, and there is much promise for the future when brass, woodwind and percussion instruments will join the strings.


The proceeds for the evening will be used to purchase further instruments to improve the quality of performance and, more important still, to enable more pupils to learn instruments.  We have a long waiting list.


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