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Henry Ford


The narrator is characterised by the Rock ‘n’ Roll Clown, played by Henry Ford.  He symbolically represents all the past pop stars – including Otis Redding and Buddy Holly.  It is a singing and an acting part – examples of some of the songs being “Time”, “Ziggy Stardust”, and “Lady Stardust”.

Henry feels he has benefitted from the productions of “Tommy” and “Stardust”.  It has given him a taste for the music business, and he would like a career in singing.  Given the chance of another part like this in the future, he would jump at it.

Jeff Stoker


The lead is taken by 5th former Jeff Stoker, playing Jim McClaine, the local lad who rises to stardom.  Jeff says it was his sense of adventure which prompted him to enter the audition, and he was lucky enough to land the lead part.  In “Stardust” his role includes both singing and acting, and he says he would jump at the chance of a part in another production. 

(Mr Gerrie please note).  He sees “Stardust” as a picture of the pop culture, but also says it is slightly exaggerated.  All in all he has enjoyed the whole production, and promises it will be alright on the night.


Diane Hepple


Jim’s girlfriend Danielle is played by sixth former Diane Hepple.  She had a major part in “Tommy” last year and was keen to audition for “Stardust” as soon as she heard about it.  Diane is quite a professional, for she is also a member of a Sunderland drama group.


She is particularly suited for this part, and says she can identify with the character of Danielle.


Gargantua and Pantagruel


Porter Lee Austin, the American manager of Jim, and Felix Hoffman, PL’s right-hand man, are played by two sixth form introverts, Martin Softly and Garry Shaw.  The Inseperables both enjoy working on the show and consider it their first step to international stardom..(Martin is open to any offers – quick though, because some lucky fans have already capitalised on his potential) Gary sees Felix as a quiet genius, who bursts into song at any opportune (or inopportune) moment.  Martin, on the other hand, considers PL to be an insensitive American business man, always willing and ready to make a quick buck.  Martin also says that some particular qualities of the girls in the production have got him having a both once a month.

Anita Douglas 


Cabaret Singer Anita Douglas (now Anita Cudworth) has recently been in touch with us and commented:-


…my goodness I was only 16 at the time. I had left school and started work and had to keep coming back on night times and weekends to do the show. when they did the documentary I could not get the time of work so they had to record me during one of the live shows and that meant turning all the house lights up, so instead of singing into the dark I could see everyone this made me very nerves at the time, but when I look back on it what a great memory and what a great time to be at Ryhope comp something to tell my grandkids about.



Singing Actors



Stray Cats


Jim                                          Jeff Stoker

Johnny                                    John Deacon

Alex                                         Steven Crake

Rod                                         Steven child

J.D.                                         Chris Cowie


Mike                                        Steven Barrass

Porter Lee                               Martin Softly

Felix                                        Gary Shaw

Danielle                                   Diane Hepple

Ronnettes                                Dorothy Martin

                                                Leslie Hardy

                                                Gillian Fishwick

Jim’s Mother                           Margaret Briggs

Rock & Roll Clown                  Henry Ford

Cabaret Singer                        Anita Douglas

Hippie Girl                               Amanda Hepple

Exotic Dancer                         Susan Cain

Spiritual Mother                       Cecelia Pearson




Waitress                                  Lynn Davidson

TV Interviewer                         David Nisbett

DJ                                           Martin Softly

“New Faces” Compere           David Nisbett

“New Faces” Panel                 Stuart Nicholson

                                                Alex Slark

                                                Barbara Widdowfield

                                                Chris Pratt

Club Secretary                        Ian Tulley

Manager                                  Gordon Davis

Jim’s Wife                               Denise Lawton

Porter Lee’s Wife                    Sandra Gardiner

Smoochy Girl                          Julie Griffiths

Brian                                        Colin Green

Barnacle Barney                     Robert Mason

Barman                                   Peter Reid

Time Dancer                           Pat Taylor

TV Director                             Ian Tully

TV Producer                           Alex Slark




Elaine Downing, Denise Lawton, Jean Eltringham, Suzanne Edmonds, Anita Place,

Joanne Dent, Diane Ayre, June Miller, Gillian Fishwick, Pat Taylor, Catherine Longstaff,

Colin Copeland, Anita Douglas, Stuart Ferguson, Stephen Allen, Christine Liddle,

Joan Thompson, Denise Taylor, Elsie Harrison, Jackie Cornish, Hazel Williams.




Cornets                                   Loshy, Vince, Joe, Stewy, Eric, Brian, David, Margaret

Tenor Horns                            Susan, Paul

Baritones                                 Lynn, Trevor

Euphenium                             Willis

Trombone                               Ian

Bass                                       Julie, Duggie


Rock Band


John, cliff, Gareth, Bill, George.




2,000 crazy first year teenyboppers for the filmed airport scene.


The massed Smith Street Choir




Director                                   Malcolm C Gerrie

Musical Direction                    George Robinson

                                                Bill Scott

Producer                                 Ivan Hargreaves


Assistant Director                    Andy Smith

General Manager                    Dave Treweeke

Stage Design                          Ivan Hargreaves

Costume                                 Eileen Burdon

                                                Lynn Rickeard

                                                Kathleen Brown

Stage Manager                       Neil Reid

Props Manager                       Bob Pendlington

Make Up                                 Elizabeth Bisset

                                                John Roberts

Set Construction                     Neil Reid

                                                Dave Smith

Artistic Director                       George Ives

Special Effects                       Kelvin Hughes

Choreography                         Susan McAlinden

Floor Manager                        Ken Stewart

Treasurer                                Sandra Smith

Refreshments                         Sheila Richbell


Lighting                                    Michael Taylor

                                                Keith Bell

Sound                                      Les Reid

                                                Graham Snowdon

                                                Stephen Parnaby

Backstage                               Andy Conn

                                                Colin McCoy

Vaguely Backstage                 Kenny Maynard

                                                Colin Copeland


Photography                           Jim Pace

                                                Malcolm C Gerrie


Musical Composition              William E Scott


“Let us Live”                            Lesley Wilkinson

                                                Jennifer Cotterill

Others                                     Malcolm C Gerrie

Musical Arrangements            George Robinson


Cleaning, Caretakers, Typing, Cleaners, Patience, Office Staff, Efficiency, Teaching Staff,

Laughs, Etc.




All the cast, and everyone else involved backstage, frontstage, understage and somewhere near stage, wants to thank each other.  there are many others to whom thanks are due; and as this programme is going to press well before the productions, some names will unavoidably go unmentioned.  So firstly, thanks to the Unknown Benefactors.  We hope you bought tickets so that you can see the results of your generosity.  Mr Copland’s name doesn’t appear anywhere else on this programme – it should – he’s been positively helpful and enthusiastic from the beginning.


The rest of the names are not in any sort of order.  Some individuals and organisations have been incredibly generous, but we give equal thanks to all of them:


White Sound Equipment, Sunderland for sound equipment; Bib and Tucker Fashions, Newcastle, and High Fashion, Newcastle for supply of T-Shirts; West One Male Boutique, Sunderland, for clothes for Lady Stardust scene; Graham Reeves, Newcastle Polytechnic, for T-Shirt design; Experiment in Leisure; Annie Tyson, University Theatre Newcastle, for choreographic assistance; London Weekend television for all sorts of help, including checking with lots of music publishers; The Newcastle Journal; The New Musical Express – what’s this, what’s this? – ed; Coelfrith Arts Centre; Sergeant Pepper’s Boutique, Sunderland for something or other; The North Eastern Co-operative Society, for a lot of general help, and for several useful contacts; Miway Builders, Newcastle, and SGB Scaffolding, Seaton Sluice, for scaffolding and turntable; British Airways, North-East Division and the Directorate of Newcastle Airport, for facilities for filming; Cumulus Films and Amber Films, for help with filming; BBC and ITN for information and material; Sunderland Hospitals Broadcasts, for help with sound recording, Saxons of Sunderland, for information and help; Binns of Sunderland, particularly the display team, for synthetic camel dung, an inflatable clown, angels, clouds etc; The American Consulate General, Edinburgh, for a flag; Vaux Breweries, for authentic bar properties Lennie Ross and “Jason”.



Stardust at Ryhope




1)         “Time” Rock ‘n’ Roll Clown

2)         Jim and Mike……..First Meeting

3)         Bar…….Stray Cats meet Mike

4)         Silksworth Youth Club

4)         Bar……..Mike gets Working Men’s Gig

6)         Workingmen’s Club

7)         Mike meets Brian…..Gets Club a’ Gogo Gig

8)         Cub a’ Gogo

9)         New Faces




1)         Narration London 1967/6

2)         Recording Studio

3)         Bag O’ Nails Club

4)         Group’s Flat

5)         Narration

6)         Top of the Pops

7)         Taped Conversation




1)         USA

2)         Lady Stardust

3)         Fame

4)         Silksworth Council Houses

5)         Woodstock

6)         Death




1)         Stray Cats Leave

2)         Sanctus

3)         Narration………Phone

4)         Ziggy Stardust

5)         Mike and Ziggy

6)         You’ve Got A Friend

7)         Porter Lee Tries

8)         Interview

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