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brief selection of video archives
Mega Mime
December 1984


Half time interval during the show in the Main Hall of the North Block.

Teachers include Mr Speed, Mr Pendlington being congratulated at the end of the show

1980's Photo slideshow


Photographs taken during the mid-1980’s around the school and beyond. Poem written by English Teacher Mrs Graham. Great times!

1970's Film Footage


A look around the school during the mid 1970’s.



The first ALL school Big Reunion took place in 2014 and proved a huge success, subsequent news on forthcoming reunions can be found on the We All Survived Ryhope Comprehensive School Facebook page.

See LINKS page for further information.



Ryhope Comprehensive Megamime 1984 full show

Full unedited footage performance at the 1984 MegaMime show.




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