Most likely you are visiting this site as you have a special interest in this iconic and progressive school or have a personal connection to the school be it, as a member of staff, former pupil or merely a visitor.

This is an on-going project to preserve the history and memories of this once great school (even though we do tend to wear rose tinted glasses at times). Archive material such as books, newspapers, magazines, photographs, videos, have all been carefully collected and complied to create this 'one stop' website.

Any contributions will be greatly received and posted here. Please contact us via the contact form.

Alternatively, see the links page for social media sites.

Thank you for visiting and we hope the site brings back fond memories.

(Peter Fannen)


A recent nice comment:

“thank you so much for your brilliant web site I adored Ryhope comp and everything it stood for, it made me the person I am now and no I don't see it through rose tinted glasses but through the eyes of a very grateful pupil to have known some of the most brilliant teachers and the best progressive headmaster anyone could have ever had the pleasure to meet”



More new updates to come during 2017 including photos, interviews and never seen before video! Watch this space

Previous updates:-

Well lots more pages have been recently added to the website under new sections.

There are interviews with Dick Copland (under DICK COPLAND Heading) including stories of the Sixth Form antics.

The full Stardust programme republished including some recent nice comments from Anita, the Cabaret Singer and the funny poem by Mr Gerrie.

Under the new heading of RYHOPE PEOPLE, you will find stories of the Ryhope Band, Mr Winwood, etc.

We hope you all enjoy and share with your old friends.

"Some parents would come into school

and tell you to give their kids ‘a good

clip’ if they stepped out of line." 

© 2018 by The Ryhope School Project

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